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My favourite contest are CQWPX and CQWW using both CW and SSB so I decided to give some points away in the October 2017 CQWW SSB contest using my FT1000Mp Mk5 which is permanently set at 75w for the UK RSGB internal contests into a 160m HF Carolina Windom Special 256 foot of wire antenna 7mts agl.

I started 1 hour into the contest at 1:00z by running on 80m but found that with minimal power into what has been described by my colleagues as a wet bit of string for an antenna, I found that I was being stamped on by the bigger stations so decided to switch to search and pounce.

This improved my scoring immensely as I switch between 160, 80 and 40 to keep up the rate overnight.

I went to bed thinking that I was really enjoying the contest so when I got up I decided to put in a concerted effort to get as many contacts in the log as possible, and spent most of Saturday just working whatever I could hear.

Unfortunately there were some big DX stations that were 59+ with me but as hard as I tried I just could not break through the pile ups.

On Sunday I decided to only work multipliers and spent most of my time scanning all of the bands in search of stations that I had not worked and I probably spent too much time trying to break the big stations pile ups.

However later in the contest the pile up lessened and I managed to get some really nice stations into my log.

I packed up around 11:30z with 728 QSO’s in the log with 1 dupe, 43 zones, and 190 cty which gave me 898 points and using the multipliers system I ended up with a final score of 209,234.

Actual operating times are below
01:00z to 17:00z = 16hrs
00:00z to 03:00z =   3hrs
06:00z to 14:00z =   8hrs
16:00z to 23:03z =   7 1/2 hrs

Total time on the air = 34.5 hours out of 48 allowed.

Conclusions, it just goes to show what can be done with 75w and a long wire and a little bit of persistence.
73 gdx hpwkagn next year de Alan Holdsworth g8oo



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