A brief introduction to the g8oo callsign

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The first question I am asked is the g8oo Callsign.

8oo was originally issued to Mr W Moore who was known on the air as “Pony”

I am informed that the Callsign was originally issued as 8oo and that the G prefix was added in front of all UK Callsigns between 1936 and 1937.

In 1999 Mr W Moore's Family requested that I re-activate the g8oo Callsign which I gratefully accepted.

Owing to the age of this Callsign there are very few active g8 two letter Callsigns in the world, Therefore to work a g8 two letter Callsign is very rare.

I operated g8oo from 03/06/2000 to 27/07/2003 and, after removing dupes, logged 2813 Qso's and these equated to 824 CW and 1724 SSB.

My wife and I relocated to France in 2003 where I operated as F5VJK for 13 years. I predominantly operated HF sideband until our return to the UK on 1/2/2016 and proceeded to use the g8oo Callsign no 10/11/2016.

I am also the holder of the following deactivated Callsigns F5VJK - GØSAH - G1SPZ.

I was also the sole operator of the following DXpedition Callsign's C56/GØSAH - C56/G8OO - 8Q7UK.

I have also participated in a large number of multi operator Contests and DXpeditions.

73 hpwksn De Alan Holdsworth g8oo